Recent Data from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis Real Estate, places the industry among the top private industries in Texas, representing an aproximate 10% of the State's Gross Domestic Product.(GDP).

Real Estate activity in Texas, the States' third most important private industry, is likely to affect the economical development on a state, national and global scale. The intricate financial webbing of today's economy has a global meaning, the impact of a resourceful industry trascends the borders of the Lone Star State affecting our nation and very likely the world.

Highlights of the US Beureau's Report point out to an increasing importance of the Real Estate Market in Texas:

Every $1 million dollar of revenue in the Texas Real Estate Industry generates half a million dollars of revenue in other pasts of the State economy and impacts on out of State economies for at least a quarter of that.

Every $1 million dollars of revenue generated by the Texas Real Estate Industry generates 5.16 jobs in the Texas Real Estate industry and five jobs in other industries in the State.

Every $1 million dollars of sales tax in the Texas Real Estate industry leads to $1.26 million dollars of sales tax revenue in other related industries in the Lone Star state which are impacted upon by its real estate.

The Texas Real Estate industry has the highest proportion of self-employed people of all industries.

Over half a million people work in the Texas Real Estate industry which represents 3.9 per cent of statewide employment.

Texas commercial real estate was valued in 2007 at $251 billion dollars. Texas industrial real estate was valued at $85 billion.

The Real Estate industry in Texas is responsible for nearly 20% of all business taxes revenue for the entire state.

Texas real estate owners paid an estimated $24 billion in school tax fees in 2007.

The Real Estate industry generates a revenue that enables the State Government's solvency while allowing it to do business with other State agencies and providing a sustainable support for some less robust economies.

A robust Texas real estate scenario has indeed, the potential to enrgize not only the US Real Etsate scene but potentially, that of the International Real Estate arena.

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